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Welcome to our new Tax Commissioner Website. The duties and responsibilities of the office of Tax Commissioner are many and varied, but our main function is to serve you, the citizens of Sumter County. This site has been prepared to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a property owner. I hope it will be of value to you

I have attempted to answer frequently asked questions and provide general information regarding taxation in Sumter County. I have also provided helpful information on House Bill 386. To view frequently asked questions on the new Title Tax, click here. Please remember that this website cannot cover the many and complex laws and should not be relied on as a legal source of information.

Whether you are a new resident or have been in our county for some time, my goal is to fulfill my responsibility as your Tax Commissioner in a fair and equitable manner. Please feel free to contact this office if you have any questions on the information addressed on this site.

Wilkie Smith, Tax Commissioner

500 W Lamar St, Ste. 120
P.O. Box 1044, Americus, GA  31709


Phone: 229-928-4530
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